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Dancer, Producer, Choreographer, Costume & Set Designer

Born and raised in Chicago, Lady Lennox began dancing ballet and modern dance in high school after years of gymnastics in her youth. Having grown up with the privilege to see the Joffery Ballet, Alvin Ailey and other contemporary ballet choreography, she now takes her passion to her own stage. Lennox says she found burlesque when she least expected it and it sent her into a world of passion and drive. Not long after dabbling in the arts she began hosting her own weekly show that involved fire performance and grinding at the notorious punk bar Exit in Chicago. Lennox quickly strove to break away from the grunge and found herself given the chance of a lifetime to work as a talent coordinator and resident performer with ROUGE! Neo-Vintage Cabaret alongside Joseph CR Vourteque, a local MC and electro-swing artist. Since her days with Rouge she is now producing some of the biggest burlesque revues in Chicago with her self-proclaimed "theater of cabaret," Phantasmagoria. Phantasmagoria has become a huge success, pushing Lady Lennox onto the stage as a solo artist and group choreographer for their monthly shows, held every 3rd Friday at The Den Theatrte. Her shows have grown to feature her adept costuming and set design skills as well as her knack for putting on a great show. Lennox is now the proud business owner of Antibiotix Productions LLC which helps keep the Phantasmagoria shows running.

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